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Str. Sinaia no. 14, Timisoara



Alba-Iulia, Ana Aslan street,

no. 29


Tel: 004 0742 068 582

If you need an architect in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara or Alba Iulia, we are available to go on site.

We are pleased to provide you with all the design phases for all design specialties  architecture, resistance, electrical, sanitary, thermal installations, fire detection, etc.

The price for design practiced by our company varies between 14 € - 25 € / sqm depending on the complexity of the project, location, permits and surface.

Thank you!

architect Enacopol Nicoleta | Timisoara office  | Alba Iulia office  | goal. 0727175776

architect Enacopol Razvan  | Timisoara office  | Alba Iulia office  | goal. 0742068582

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