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Clinica medicala ORL

Medical clinic

Event room

SPA building

Proiect cladie birouri


Office building

Locuinte colective

Collective housing building Ug + Gf + 3F + At

School building

School building

40 apartments

Proiect pensune mai mare de 8 camere

Pension-Hotel 20 rooms
Sureanu- Transalpina

Proiect pensiune 6 camere

Pension 6 rooms

Pension 6 rooms

Pension 6 rooms
The Valley of Beauty

Proiect pensiune moderna



Complete boarding house services

You have always dreamed that, at the second age, not only to retreat to an enchanting mountain or hill landscape, with picturesque heads and many conifers, but to open a business there and show them to tourists in the country and all how beautiful is Romania? Have you always hoped, since you were born or since you moved to a big city to work and start a family, that at some point you will get rid of horns, congestion and agitation? If the answer to the two questions above is a resounding "YES", we have good news for you: we will help you put your plans on paper, both literally and figuratively!


Upstudioproject is an office of works architecture in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Alba Iulia, which offers you complete services of pension projects, apartment buildings, offices, schools, multicultural centers, event halls, but also industrial projects, design , resistance or installations. We are a young team, with modern ideas and visions, looking to make their mark and imprint their unique conceptual style in each new work. Starting from your requirements, which we pass through the filter of our expertise and enrich them from a creative point of view, we will reach the desired result together.

Working with us on a modern boarding house project

from sketches to site construction

An upstudioproject modern boarding house project involves the involvement of our architects and specialists in all its phases, from the elaboration of the conceptual sketches and the design theme to the obtaining of all the necessary approvals and the following of the site. In each of these stages, you will be notified about the stage of the works, so that together we can estimate a more realistic completion date. We let our imagination run wild when it comes to the appearance of the building we are working on, but we quickly get back on our feet when it comes to bureaucracy and security.


Our professionalism when we carry out pension projects is matched only by the effervescence and originality of our plans, but also by the openness with which we listen to any suggestion. Before we implement it, we test it and let you know if it is achievable, and if it is even more "creative" than our ideas, we come up with a reliable alternative from all points of view. Although we are young, we have a long experience in designing modern boarding houses and other buildings or complexes and we never compromise on the quality and, especially, on the safety of those lucky enough to stay or work in them.


An example in this sense is the boarding house project we carried out for our clients from Sugag, Alba county (see photo gallery). Poarta Raiului Pension is located in a splendid area of the Sureanu Mountains, near the ski slope of the same name. The plateau destined by PUZ for the construction of the pension is surrounded by numerous conifers, which is why we chose the concept of sharp skylights, which imitate fir trees. If you want a similar modern / rustic boarding house project, all you have to do is give us a sign! We are waiting for you on 0742 068 582 or on the "Request an offer" page and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Give your dream a free rein and let us realize the project of the pension that until now you only had the courage to imagine!


From apartment sketches

to the reality of a new home

Between dream and reality is a longer or shorter road, easier or harder. He begins, however, with an idea or the first line drawn on paper, literally or figuratively. If your dream is to build a residential building or a block of flats, we will be your partner! Upstudioproject is a modern architecture and interior design company, which also makes apartment sketches, projects and plans that respect your ideas and develop them, finding a balance between functionality, surface and cost benefit.

We start from the sketch of the apartment, which we draw with you, depending on requirements, needs and preferences, to which we "overlap" our experience, resulting in a well-developed apartment plan / project, which respects the urban norms, the norms of sunshine, but also the law of housing. The law also requires compliance with the quality standards of operational safety, fire safety, thermal insulation (according to the new NZEB standards), sound insulation, etc., which we implement in all residential projects.

Upstudioproject - modern apartment projects and plans

The apartment plan continues with the elaboration of the design theme, obtaining all the necessary approvals for the construction and following the site. Although we form a young team and we are, consequently, dynamic and competitive, we do not lack temperance and caution. At Upstudioproject, we are aware that the sketch of an apartment is not just a lot of lines drawn on paper, but a whole plan for the future ensemble / residential complex. Moreover, we attach great importance to the safety and comfort of future tenants, putting them at the center of our actions and decisions.

At Upstudioproject, an office that offers architectural services, interior design and apartment projects / plans, we are waiting for you to join us! We are present in Bucharest, Alba Iulia, Cluj Napoca and Timisoara and look forward to implementing the outline of the apartments that have been "built" so far only on paper!

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